"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us"

Winston Churchill. 1943.

RISK MANAGEMENT GROUP (RMG) utilise a quality management system to ensure improvements and non-conformances are managed. Inputs into its quality management system can be identified by an audit processes, Client complaints, grievances, industry consultation; training or identified non-conformances are reviewed and managed. RMG regularly conducts and reviews these inputs according to its continual improvement process, along with identification and management of potential risks and preventative action. RMG carry out regular reviews of procedures, structures and methodologies to ensure that they remain appropriate and effective. These reviews cover such areas as client feedback, stakeholder input; assessor standards, industry standards, and reviews will be reported and fed back in to the quality management system for continual improvement. Feedback is naturally very important to us and part of our continual improvement process.


One of our key goals is to provide quality services that deliver effective solutions which enable our Clients to achieve outstanding success in their field of endeavour. This aim is supported by the Group’s business systems, which embrace both Quality Assurance and continual improvement of our services. Quality Assurance provides confidence to our clients and us that our service is meeting their requirements. Our business systems, which comply with ISO 9001, emphasise the importance of adequate planning and review and aims to meet our clients’ requirements on each project. We actively foster personal attitudes of co-operation, teamwork and a keen sensitivity to the continual improvement of our service.

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