"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us"

Winston Churchill. 1943.

RISK MANAGEMENT GROUP (RMG) recognise the need for risk management during all of the organisations business operations, and identified the need for a robust Risk Management Framework in which material risks are proactively identified, communicated and managed across the organisation. Risks are defined as any event that can impede the RMG’s ability to achieve its client’s objectives. RMG recognises that risk management is an integral part of sound management practice and good corporate governance as it improves decision making and enhances outcomes and accountability.


RMG has robust processes in place to identify manage and communicate material risks to management. The risk framework in place is supported by AS/NZS/ISO 31000 -2009 the International Standard on Risk Management. The Board of Directors oversees the implementation of the risk management system and annually reviews the effectiveness of the system. Risk Management reviews identifies all material areas of risk, the adequacy of risk mitigation strategies and reviews of remedial action in mitigating areas of weakness.

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