"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us"

Winston Churchill. 1943.

RISK MANAGEMENT GROUP (RMG) is committed to managing its operations such that it complies with all relevant State and Commonwealth environmental legislation and industry standards in the areas within which it operates. RMG also seeks at all times to reduce the environmental impact of its operations by identifying and minimizing environmental risk and ensuring the availability of adequate resources to do this. The key issues in RMG’s environmental strategy include;


  • Minimisation of waste and ensuring operations are as efficient as possible.
  • Minimisation of emissions through the selection and use of its resources and power requirement.
  • Promotion of recycling both internally and in consultancy advice.
  • Promotion of building materials and services which minimise the environmental impact of both in installation and long term life cycle operation.
  • To Meet or exceed all environmental legislation that relates to the Company.
  • Where possible use programs to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities.

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